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Small Area Stone Polishing kit - No equipment needed

Small Area Stone Polishing kit - No equipment needed

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Magic Renova – Hand held kit, no equipment needed

Remove stains and etch marks from small areas of marble, travertine and limestone without the need of tools. 

Coverage: 10 to 13 sq. ft. Coverage may vary depending on type of surface and condition.


  • Place the #1 abrasive on the hand holder. Spray clean water on the surface. Scrub the area, applying pressure in a circular motion, repeat until the damage has been removed and have an even finish. Clean and dry the surface.
  • Repeat the process with #2. This abrasive will remove the scratches from the previous abrasive.
  • Repeat the process using the #3 abrasive, twice. With this step, you will start to see some shine,
  • Use #4 as many times as needed to achieve the desired shine
  • Finish with the green pad to achieve the maximum gloss.

For larger areas use the 5" Magic Renova Drill Kit.

To remove scratches and heavy wear use Bonastre Polibrill resin system.



We cannot guarantee any results due to several factors that can effect the results you achieve with this kit. 
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