Countertop Polishing

Countertop Polishing

*This kit is NOT for use on Granit countertops*
When it comes to polishing your own countertops, it can seem daunting. 
I assure you its not! Bonastre Systems USA has made a revolutionary kit that makes polishing your kitchen counter, bathroom vanity, a marble table, your beautiful marble shower or even your bathroom floor as easy as 1,2,3,4! The Magic Renova 5in Flexible drill kit is the easiest thing for polishing hands down. 
I am going to give you the run down on just how easy this kit is to use! 
To get started there is a bit of prep work, I personally recommend using Easy Scrub on any surfaces that may be in contact with hard water. The usual culprits, bathrooms, showers, kitchen counters ect. This product will remove all the hard water deposits and gives the sanding discs a much cleaner surface to grab on to which is key.
<-- Always use  Easy Scrub first 
Now that you have given your counter a good scrub down, lets talk polishing.
The Magic Renova Kit kit its self is comprised of a few elements, all of which are vital to bringing the life back to your stone. 
>> Flexible Drill bit which attaches to just about any 1/4in drill bit, and makes for easy maneuvering around your surface
>> Velcro disc, it is very important that the renova discs stick well to your drill bit
>> Red- Cutting disk that brings you down to  matte finish
>> Orange- this is a corrective pad so it will refine the surface as well as eliminate any micro scrapes.
>> Yellow Disc,  this step leaves behind a satin finish.
>> Blue Disc, this step intensifies the brightness of  your surface making it look crisp and clear.
>> Green Pad, this is the final step and here is where you will see a mirror like finish
Each component of the magic renova is essential to getting that perfect mirror finish on all of your surfaces.
We recommend using a sealer such as these 
More Sealers  *will not protect against scratching or acid etching*


For Daily Cleaning We recommend these products 
You can also check out my blog post on countertop cleaning here   
We have made a few how t o videos that  are linked below.

Magic Renova Video 

Magic Renova Video 

Magic Renova Polishing Video

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions!
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Is there a minimum or maximum suggested drill speed for using this kit? Could I attach the pads to a hook and loop sanding disc instead? If so, is there a minimum or maximum suggested speed for the sander? Thank you!


That is correct! The only thing you need to polish with this kit is water. No other chemicals or polishing powders are needed !


We just bought some of the easy scrub and it worked great. We also got one of your kits, so you’re telling me that I only need water to polish it right?

Sully L

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