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Solv-NT - Powerful citrus solvent 

Spotter / Additive / Biodegradable / Carpet & Hard Surfaces

  • Powerful citrus solvent for all types of surfaces in residential, commercial, industrial and facilities.
  • Removes fresh paint, wax, lipstick, grease, dirt, tar, gum, oil, mascara, adhesives, etc.
  • Can also be used in sinks, grease traps and drains to prevent or remove grease buildup or bad odors.
  • It is a completely organic product and is environmentally friendly.
pH: 8 - 9 ready to use
Dilution: 1:9 Injection sprayer:  Add 6 oz. of Solve-NT to 5 quarts of solution concentrate.
Contains: 1 gallon
Professional Use Only 
Safety Data Sheet

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