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Bonastre Melamine Orbipad - Professional Grade Magic Pad, Soft Density

Bonastre Melamine Orbipad - Professional Grade Magic Pad, Soft Density

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Bonastre Orbipad soft density pad, for non abrasive deep cleaning of any surface that can be cleaned with water. 

Professional Grade Magic Pad- Bonastre’s ORBIPAD line of melamine pads, are ideal to clean almost any type of surface, without scratching, using water. It’s available in three different densities, soft, medium and hard.
They can be used with or without equipment, to clean microporous surfaces, like ceramic or anti-slip stoneware tiles, painted epoxy floors, polished concrete, marble, plastic resins and thermoplastics, walls, plastic, furniture, wood, etc.


  • Maximum cleaning power, it’s the most flexible pad.
  • Better grip on uneven surfaces.
  • Less durable than the Orbipad Medium and Hard (not recommended for abrasive floors).
  • 100% compressed melamine.
  • Ideal for manual use, it requires less pressure.
  • For lightweight equipment on smooth flooring.
  • Pad must be wet before using.
  • Can be used with floor polishers and auto scrubbers. Always use Orbipad SP for orbital machines.
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