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MB-24 Barrier Impregnating Sealer

MB-24 Barrier Impregnating Sealer

MB Stone Care

  • $ 14595

MB-24 "Barrier" is a water-based Professional grade fluorochemical sealer that is extremely user friendly for homeowner and pro alike. Easy to apply to small or large areas; floors, counter-tops and any surface that requires sealing. It will provide a durable, non-film forming, transparent, protective barrier against oil and water on porous surfaces such as marble , limestone , travertine, granite, slate, unglazed tile, grout, terracotta, concrete and brick. Barrier provides excellent oil and water repellency, stain resistance, and easy stain cleanup.

A formidable water based penetrating sealer for all porous natural stone, concrete, terrazzo, terracotta, saltillo, slate and grout. MB-24 Barrier will provide excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic protection, stain resistance and easier stain cleanup.

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