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Excalibur Flexible 120 Grit Electroplated Discs

Excalibur Flexible 120 Grit Electroplated Discs

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Excalibur Flexible 120 Grit 3in
Often used like sandpaper. Can be used for wet or dry polishing.
Hook & loop backed quick load and release.
5/8" center hole.
Can be cut to any shape
Flexible backing ideal for complex shapes. 

These can be used on all types of natural stone such as marble, travertine, limestone and Terrazzo. 

Extremely Direct & Aggressive
Like all electroplated tools, the Excalibur's are
extremely direct and aggressive because the
diamond girt is full exposed. The shape of the
diamond grit used in the electroplating process is
oblong and sharp which tears through materials as
opposed to a more progressive grinding action.
Multiple Shapes & Large Diameters
One of the greatest advantages of the Excalibur
series is that they are made on sheets, which can be
cut into any shape and can even be cut in very large

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