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Bonastre System USA

Bonastre NovaMarmol Polishing Powder

Bonastre NovaMarmol Polishing Powder

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NovaMarmol is an effective, acidic-based polishing powder designed to bring marble, travertine, limestone, and terrazzo to their greatest potential in clarity and luster, while also enriching the natural hues of the stone.


1.- Cover baseboard, carpet, etc., with protective plastic and/or tape.

2.- Wet surface. Sprinkle NovaMarmol powder on the floor (1 -2 oz./10 sq. ft.) over an area of about 25 sq. ft. at a time.

3.- The NovaMarmol water mixture should make a wet slurry. Buff the mixture with a hogshair pad for 5 to 10 passes over each tile or section.

4.- Check the level of gloss with the squeegee. When the desired level of gloss is achieved, squeegee the NovaMarmol mixture to the adjacent area and repeat process. Add NovaMarmol and water as needed.

5.- Remove the NovaMarmol mixture using a wet-dry vacuum. Flood rinse the polished area and buff again with the same pad without adding more NovaMarmol, and vacuum dry the area.

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