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Bonastre System USA

Bonastre B-One White Pad Crystallizer 5L

Bonastre B-One White Pad Crystallizer 5L

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B-ONE is a great solution to maintain polished surfaces, renewing the gloss with a fast and easy process, without steel wool! It increases the surface scratch resistance, while reducing the frequency at which you need to repolish. Using B-ONE will not make a surface slippery. Use with a white pad, no steel wool! 

Use with a white pad. Highest shine and reflectivity. Won’t stain or change the color of the stone. Increases the shine durability. Ready to use compound, won’t produce orange peel effect. Easy and fast process. Odorless. Increased scratch/wear resistance. Slippery resistance shine. Easy to use with an orbital machine

DIRECTIONS 1. Clean and prepare your surface. 2. Don’t use B-ONE on wet areas, make sure the surface is completely dry. 3. Light spray B-ONE crystallizer in a 3 to 6 sq ft, making sure the equipment is always in motion side to side, to avoid too much friction. If using an orbital equipment, too much friction won’t be an issue. 4. Repeat the process as many times as needed. There’s no risk of damaging the high-gloss finish.

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