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BONASTRE 5" MAGIC RENOVA Abrasives & Pad Replacement

BONASTRE 5" MAGIC RENOVA Abrasives & Pad Replacement

Bonastre System USA

  • $ 5868

The Magic Renova is Bonastre’s kit for polishing and restoring small area's of  marble, travertine and limestone. Remove etch marks, hard water deposits and micro scratches while restoring the surface to bring the shine back!

Restore your countertops, bathrooms, tables, stairs, corners or any small or difficult to reach areas. Perfect for homes, hotels, institutions and stone care professionals. Easy to follow instructions. Use with a drill or by hand (Drill plate not included)

5” Magic Renova coverage: 35 to 45 sq. ft. (3.25 to 4.2 m2)

Kit includes:

- 1 Velcro holder

- 1 Red, 1 orange, 1 yellow and 1 blue abrasives

- 1 Green Bonastre Pad

- Magic Renova Manual

Drill plate not included

NOT for granite surfaces



We cannot guarantee any results due to several factors that can effect the results you achieve with this kit. 

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