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Ultimate Stone Polishing and Restoration Kit

Ultimate Stone Polishing and Restoration Kit

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For any job you want to have the best tools, problem is figuring out what you need can be daunting! No need to fear, we have taken the guess work out of refinishing and polishing your countertops, showers, bathroom floors, table top or vanity! 



We cannot guarantee any results due to several factors that can affect the results you achieve with this kit. Please contact us if you have any questions prior to starting your project.

Our ultimate restoration kit comes with everything you need to bring the life back to your stone and keep them looking in tip top shape.

Included in this kit 

1 bottle of Stone and Glass Scrub Micro abrasives pull off soap scum and hard water deposits with out damaging your stone. 

1 Bottle of Easy Oxy- This unique cleaner pulls any residue's left behind by soap scum, hard water ect. So you are starting with a perfectly clean surface.

1 Magic Renova 5in Drill kit- Comes with everything you need to refinish and polish your countertops 

1 Set of 5in Magic Renova replacement pads- For when you need just a bit more coverage 

1 Soft Melamine pad- Melamine is the ultimate in green cleaning. NO chemicals and it is 100% safe to use on your polished stone. Can also be used on nearly any hard surface in your home that needs a good clean! 

1 Medium Melamine pad- For tougher messes that need a bit more elbow grease.

1 Melamine pad holder- The perfect handle for your melamine pad, never worry about dropping it or loosing grip while cleaning!



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