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Foam Brite

Foam Brite

Harvard Chemical Research

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Foam Brite is a ready to use, acid‐based disinfectant cleaner with special FOAMING ACTION for fast and efficient maintenance of all surfaces found in restrooms, shower rooms and locker rooms. This product contains a high level of acid and together with an acid compatible detergent system, facilitates the easy removal of soap scum, rust stains, calcium deposits and hard water stains. It uses a 5th generation quat as its disinfectant base that has been proven highly effective in the presence of organic soils. The cationic detergent system inhibits acid corrosion of metal parts found around tubs and showers.

- One Step Cleaner‐Disinfectant‐Virucide

- Cuts through tough soap scum, rust, calcium deposits, and hard water stains

-  Attacks the source of odors leaving the whole bathroom smelling clean and fresh

-  All purpose, designed for all washroom surfaces

- Will brighten bowls and shower tiles

pH 1 - 3

Ready to use

1 QT

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