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Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning Kit

Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning Kit

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Our comprehensive bathroom and kitchen cleaning kit contains only the highest quality products. Never worry about selecting the right cleaning supplies for your bathrooms and kitchens - we have you covered.

 Included in this kit 

- 1 Melamine pad in Soft- These are magic erasers but on steroids! They are great for every day spills like toothpaste or hand soap.

- 1 Melamine pad in Medium- The medium density melamine is Ideal for hard water, soap scum, or other tougher messes that happen often in the bathroom.

- 1 melamine pad holder- Makes scrubbing messes100x easier! 

- 1 QT of Stone and Glass Scrub- Life saving product!!! This stuff is magic if you have very hard water or thick soap scum.

- 1  32oz bottle of easy oxy- Magic in a bottle. You can use it on refrigerators, mirrors, counter tops, toilets and more!

-1  32oz bottle of Mold and Mildew remover- If you have a sink that drips or just have some mildewy smelling areas in your bathroom or kitchen sinks this is the stuff for you. 

-1 container of stainless steel wipes- These bad boys are magic for your sinks, chrome around mirrors, shower heads or spouts. A true must have in your bathroom and kitchen cleaning tool belt.

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