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Skunk Out

Skunk Out

Harvard Chemical Research

  • $ 3815

Harvard Chemical Research Skunk Out is a blend of odor control counteractants, solvents and detergents that reduce the spread of odor causing molecules into the atmosphere. Skunk Out will overcome the most severe odor such as death scene, skunk odors, and unusually strong pet or smoke odors. Encapsulates the odor and reduces the spread of odor causing molecules. Effective against the most severe types of odors. Contains no oxidizers, enzymes, or desensitizers. Compatible with all detergents including germicides. Nontoxic, nonirritating and totally biodegradable. Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Prior to using this or any cleaning product, make sure employees read and understand the hazard information found on the product label. Clear liquid appearance. Pleasant odor.

PH: 7. Specific gravity: 0.98. Size: 1-gallon.

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