Weekly Spotlight : Week One Easy Scrub

Weekly Spotlight : Week One Easy Scrub


Every Wednesday I am going to be highlighting a new product and passing along some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of every purchase!

This week I am going to be talking about Easy Stone Care's Easy Scrub.

This product is great for soap scum on shower floors and walls, hard water build up on glass shower doors and is great for removing food and drink build up from kitchen counters!

You can use this product on many surfaces including marble, granite, quartz, glass, tile, stainless steel appliances and so much more.

Easy Scrub is tough enough on grime and grease for those deep cleanings yet gentle enough for everyday messes as well. 

Whether you professionally clean or if you are just looking for a great go to product that will keep your house sparkling like new you definitely need some Easy Scrub in your cleaning arsenal!


~ Peyton
Easy Scrub




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Yes Tim! This is perfect for removing soap scum and hard water build up on a marble shower!!


Is this a product I can use on a marble shower?


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