How I restored my countertops!

How I restored my countertops!



Today we will be taking an in depth look at Bonastre Systems Magic Renova 5” drill kit. This easy to use kit is a great tool for everybody from the most experienced polisher to the novice DIYer! The Magic Renova’s size makes it the perfect tool for restoring counter tops, vanities, showers, and even those hard to reach areas are a breeze with the flexible drill bit.

I know firsthand how daunting the process of refinishing a counter, shower, table ect can be! When we moved into our rental house the counters were dull, and had no life left in them . Luckily our magic renova kit saved the day! We were shocked at how easy it was to bring our counters from dull and lifeless to bright, shiny and looking brand new!

Lets break down everything that is in the kit shall we,

>> Flexible Drill bit, this flexible but sturdy tool is key in getting in those hard to reach places-

>> Velcro disc, it is very important that the renova discs stick well to your drill bit.

>> Red Disc, which is your polishing disc, this is what will remove those pesky surface stains and etches. The red disc will bring you down to a matte finish so you can begin to hone in the polish.

>> Orange Disc, this is a corrective pad so it will refine the surface as well as eliminate any micro scrapes.

>> Yellow Disc,  this step leaves behind a satin finish.

>> Blue Disc, this step intensifies the brightness of  your surface making it look crisp and clear.

>> Green Pad, this is the final step and here is where you will see a mirror like finish

Each component of the magic renova is essential to getting that perfect mirror finish on all of your surfaces.

Trust me when I say that if I can do this you can too! I have included links below to our instructional videos so you can get a better feel of just how easy this process is to do!

Of course if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, give me a call or shoot me an email! 

~ Peyton
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